The Last Of The Six-Cylinders(7272Music) - Matt Weston

3-song CD EP
available through 7272music

Sonance Quarry(Tautology) - various artists $10
Late-90's compilation of New Music from Chicago, featuring: 
- Fred Lonberg-Holm/Michael Zerang Duo
- Corine (Michael Colligan - reeds; Kevin Drumm - tabletop guitar; Matt Weston - percussion + electronics
- Odradek (Josh Abrams - bass; Jeb Bishop - trombone; Ben Vida - guitar; Matt Weston - percussion + electronics
- Belokwa String Ensemble (Liz Payne - bass; Ben Vida - guitar)
- Kevin Drumm (solo tabletop guitar)
out of print, limited availability 


Red Apple Falls (Drag City) - Smog
Drums on "Inspirational," with Bill Callahan (vocals, guitar), Ken Champion (pedal steel guitar), Thymme Jones (piano), and Jim O'Rourke (bass).    available through Drag City


Myopic Bookstore Improvised Music Workshop, volume 1(BOXmedia) - various artists  $10
Percussion on one track with Ernst K. Long (trumpet) and Adam Vida (percussion).  Other artists include Kevin Drumm, Weasel Walter, Jim O'Rourke,  and others. out of print, extremely limited availability


Vacuums(Sachimay) - Matt Weston   $10
solo percussion + electronics, studio recording.
You can hear samples of it here.


My Very First Barn Owl EP(Crank Satori)- Barn Owl $5
3" CD
Chris Cooper - guitar; Andy Crespo - bass; Matt Weston - percussion + electronics

 You can listen to MP3s of 2 of the songs here.


Rap Pouch(Breaking World Records) - various artists
artists include Anthro Rex, Moxy Van Float, x.0.4, Belltonesuicide, Tumblecat Poof Poofy Poof, Steve Zultanski, Joshua, Noise Nomads, Dakin Squad Buttfire, Barn Owl and Dfnneg.  available through Breaking World Records


Lotus 72   $10
Imagine PJ Harvey fronting AC/DC playing Badfinger songs with Keith Moon on drums.
Plum Crane - guitar, vocals; Matt Weston - percussion
 You can buy this CD here and listen to samples of it here.


Dead Band Rocking - Tizzy
6-song EP from longtime Massachusetts legends
Teri Morris - drums, vocals; Jen Stavely - bass, vocals; Matt Weston - guitar, vocals


Resistance Cruisers (7272music) - Matt Weston  
4-song 3" CD EP  (note: this is a reissue of the sold-out limited-edition Bloomington 2003 EP)
available through 7272music


Rashaya (7272music) - Matt Weston
5-song 3" CD EP  (note: this is a reissue of the sold-out limited-edition Easthampton 2005 EP)
available through 7272music

Holler (7272music) - Matt Weston

2-song CD  single
available through 7272music

not to be taken away (7272music) - Matt Weston

full-length CD
available through 7272music

For Alexandros Grigoropoulos (A Question Of Re_Entry) - Matt Weston
full-length CD-R
available through A Question Of Re_Entry

Seasick Blackout  (7272music) - Matt Weston
3-song CD EP
available through 7272music